Liquid Capital Consultant


Notes on Boedel’s Essence / Construct

Boedel ‘s primary function was to establish a fulcrum of wealth, with which to tilt and tip economic strategies in the Machine God’s favour when required or called upon. Functioning much in the same way of a collagen nest situated near a hair follicle in human skin, whenever there was damage or leaks, Boedel was there to react and lend resources to these breaches in the Machine Gods Plan. He would also serve to either shield or push forward key plans, however this was generally undertaken in a very subtle and nearly imperceptible fashion, through tweaking of investments and the influencing of board members of companies related to the God Machines plans.

Whilst Boedel arguably could have facilitated his goal purely through computers and networks, his function extended to information gathering and analysis of factors outside of binary numbers. As an eccentric recluse Boedel could flit in and out of the human world as required affording his angelic construct a high degree of freedom in the social world.
Whether an innate part of his programming or perhaps some kind of taint earned from wearing Casper Hayward for an extended period of time, Boedel became deeply fascinated with money and its influence on the world and society. Subsequently he holds an almost detached fundamental understanding of its power, and tends to fall back on employing money as a final influencing motivator on most scenarios he is involved with, where he is required to change or manipulate things.

Whilst Boedel has a perverse faith in money (a faith he is working desperately to destroy) he is not naive to the existence of humans who shirk money as a motivator for action. It is these people who he is at risk of becoming obsessed with, as he seeks to understand more about what moves them in this capitalistic world.

Boedel is also preoccupied with the concept of betrayal, having been sorely slighted by what he has perceived as betrayal of his core purpose by the God Machine. Subsequently Boedel has a hang-up with engaging in any kind of romantic acts unless there is some kind of betrayal involved with forging of such relationships, a commandment of betrayal if you will. This twisted outlook has not yet extended to all of his rules on building relationships with others at this stage it remains purely in the context of affairs of the heart (poor Casper!).

The Fall

Perhaps a vestige of Casper’s humble and principled middle-class upbringing, the Angel working through this vessel became quietly pre-occupied with gently tweaking and twisting resources towards projects, developments and research that would potentially influence the human race and its use of the environment in a positive way.

Clearly such actions went unnoticed or were in alignment with the Machine God’s schemes, and thus for half a decade the Angel grew increasingly pleased and proud of what it had wrought. Of course pride is always a potential fulcrum for trouble, especially when control of the direction of ones work is mostly fantasy, as is the case for those in service to the Machine God. And so, under the sharp cleaving pressure of hubris, the illusion of benevolent works was stripped away in one twisted command, a hostile take-over of the company Immunex a company on the verge of a major cancer prevention retro-viral agent research trial, a potentially world changing revelation, with a subsequent asset and human resource strip, effectively dismantling the project and stopping it in its tracks.

The resulting suicides by several key researches and company executives, led to a shearing dismay, and ebbing of faith in servitude to a greater purpose, and a lifting of the veil, allowing a final clear view of the necrotic malignant rot that money and economy had embedded in the world.


Casper (Boedel) reborn has a harder edge. His subtle manipulations and gentle nudging in board-rooms and behind the closed doors of CEO and Company Presidents have taken on a sharper edge. Attendants to Annual General Meetings are left numb from sudden vote swings, election of seemingly unknown left wing candidates, to rejection of development proposals. Board-room meetings left drifting in stunned silence post the departure of ‘Capital’ Casper and his sharp eloquent words, as the realisation of lifestyle losses and infrastructure collapse set in.

Casper currently hosts a primary residence in a recently renovated top floor of a large 1890’s office building in the Pioneer Square district. Whilst he owns property all throughout Seattle, America and a few places in Europe – he keeps several core residences in Seattle – namely apartments in the The Eastside and South Lake Union.



‘Capital’ Casper Hayward

Born in 1982, Casper was born to a middle class family of mixed Caucasian American and Hispanic blood. Casper lived a typical middle class life, a typically safe childhood, where he demonstrated a natural affinity for the savvy management of numbers. Finishing the top of his class for Economics and Accounting in College, Casper managed to win a prestigious scholarship at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), a University widely re-known for it’s leading edge business methodologies.

Whilst attending University, Casper exhibited his flourishing talents of a deep fundamental understanding of market movements and economics, finessing a brazen ‘gamble’ with his annual scholarship money, which he aggressively invested in the short-term money market, hedge funds and futures contracts in the stock market. By the end of his first 12 months at University Casper was a multi-millionaire. He completed his primary finance degree within 30 months, accepting graduation with academic honours and several student level awards.
Socially, Casper shied away from the oft-furious and debauch University social seen, electing instead to pursue philosophy, poetry and ancient history, when not busy watching his absurd wealth amass. Somewhat embarrassed by his success, Casper took every effort to keep his wealth concealed from the very small circle of friends he allowed to get close to his person.

Upon leaving Uni and returning from Massachusetts to live in Seattle, Casper began to really flex his financial might, becoming a little more bold and aggressive his investment strategies. He also started becoming increasingly recluse, electing to only head outside in the early hours of the morning or on overcast rainy days. In his lead up to his early 30’s, Casper experienced the outlandish growth and potential of the IT Industry boom, and living in Seattle, at what is arguably its American heart, he managed to infiltrate a wide variety of up an coming companies as a major percentage shareholder.

His one potentially outlandish and public-eye-catching indulgence however, was exotic sports cars. In his final year of University, Casper rewarded himself with a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640, in a Metallic Gun Metal Grey, as a reward for reaching a liquid worth of $20,000,000.

Casper would spend his weekends alone, racing around the countryside, visiting quiet truck stops and café’s, where only superficial questions about his car and his life were asked by those of less suburban ilk.

Casper was ‘taken over’ by Boedel in the early stages of his finance degree, which aligns with his controversial decision to risk his scholarship money in the stock market. This was around 22 years of age – Boedel has mostly ‘worn’ Casper full time in the past 9 years.


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