Seattle, like all cities with a demon population over two, has Agencies.
Groups of Demons, Cultists and Stigmatics joined together for a common cause. Like the proverbial workplace donkey cartoon they don’t pull together all the time but there is enough going on to keep them from splintering apart.

Demons Republic of Seattle

Republic members dream of a fairer, more just and more equitable world than the one the God Machine has made and are willing to fight in whatever ways possible to see their vision of Hell realised.

Members:Demons, stigmatics and humans, are each drawn to the group for their own reasons but all participating equally. Even if the “truth” is kept from the majority of the human members, they are still seen as equal and deserving of respect.
“From each member according to her strengths”.

Dues:Everyone is expected to enact at least one act of service to the organisation per week. This might be a donation of resources, time spent working towards the groups causes, recruitment, maintenance etc. In addition members pay 10% of their salary to the organisation when possible.

Benefits: One of the members, a human named Mariah Selnick, owns a house in Fremont that she runs as a communal living space for Republic members. The Republic also keeps a food pantry and garden that members can pull from as needed. Transportation, security, child care, even minor legal and medical care are all partially subsidised through the organisation. So long as your efforts on some level roughly equate to your needs, you maintain good membership status. For demons and stigmatics, benefits can range from soul pacts to cover pacts, so long as you pay in what you take out, as well as access to a limited number of boltholes and safe places throughout the neighbourhood.
All Republic members receive a red glass pendant to carry or wear as a token.

Leaders: Comrade West is the founder and leader of the Demon’s Republic of Seattle, though he hates bureaucracy and likes to keep things informal.
Mark Wellford is a stigmatic who helps deal with legal issues and keeps the organisation moving.


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