Welcome to Seattle, best known for it’s coffee, rain and friendliness.
5 minute friendships developed over a quick coffee whilst hiding from the ever present drizzle… never forget you don’t belong here.

  • Assume nothing.
  • Never go against your instincts.
  • Everyone is potentially under the God Machine’s control.
  • There’s always someone watching you. Don’t look back and don’t run.
  • Go with the flow and blend in.
  • Avoid building up a pattern, and stay in Cover.
  • Lull them into the false sense of complacency.
  • Don’t harass the opposition.
  • Pick the opportune moment for action.
  • Always have a back up plan.

A Demon the Descent game using the nWOD rules.

Other World of Darkness games that are a part of the Seattle Chronicles include -

  • Of Wolf and Man: A Werewolf the Forsaken game set in Metro Seattle about the rise of a new pack of Forsaken and their battle with a powerful spirit called the Alder Man.
  • Fear and Flame: A Werewolf the Forsaken (Second Edition) game set in the small town of Snoqualmie as a newly established pack must try and defeat an ancient evil.
  • Dust and Shadow: A Vampire the Requiem (Second Edition) game detailing the rise of a coterie of kindred over the course of 50 years in and under the streets of Seattle.

Designs for Tomorrow

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