Heaven's ex-hitman


Luke_Willard.jpgCover: Luke Willard
Luke has a weathered appearance, his skin leathery and masked behind a thick dark beard. Curly, unwashed dark hair is kept shaggy on his head whilst his grey eyes appear red-rimmed and sunken in his face. He is broad of shoulder and his posture upright despite a certain “beaten down” look about him. His clothes are well worn but clean. He moves furtively with a slight limp, often flinching and blinking rapidly when alarmed. A tattoo with the words de oppresso liber is branded on the inside of his left forearm.

In demonic form, Alastor is encased in black scale armour and a dark flowing cloak. His right hand is replaced with a large silver blade with a square chisel tip; the sword is designed for beheading his opponents. His head looks like it is formed out of off-white putty and is devoid of hair, ears, eyes and any real semblance of a nose. Only a wide mouth splits Alastor’s face which is lined with rows of jagged onyx glass teeth.


Two years ago, the Freemont Solstice festival was in full swing. Thousands of people filled the streets to party on the longest day of the year in an area of Seattle that calls itself “peculiar” and celebrates that fact. Walking the streets that day was an angel sent by the God Machine to crash that party.

Alastor was one of the God Machine’s chief executioners. Commissioned to destroy select targets (usually demons or other supernatural beings), he was designed to take on his opponent one-on-one and dispose of whatever was left of the victim. In this instance however, the God Machine had sent Alastor on a mission to kill as many indiscriminate “civilians” as possible whilst they enjoyed the rare sunshine baking Seattle’s streets.

Armed with a gym bag of guns and explosives, Alastor’s cover, Luke Willard calmly paced through the crowd searching for the right time and place to cause maximum chaos. Luke was a quickly cobbled together facade, a veteran from the Iraq war who aspired to become Special Forces but wasn’t good enough. When he was dishonourably discharged for wilful injury to himself, he had aspired to become a father to his estranged son but he failed again. His makeshift home – empty but for the thin mattress on the floor and a book shelf lined with notebooks containing his personal manifesto celebrating all that was wrong in the world. Today was Luke’s time to show the world how important he really was and to go out with a bang.

However, Alastor was having other thoughts. He resented this mission on many levels – he was not designed for this type of murder. His previous targets were important and worthy of being dispatched by the God Machine’s executioner. Whilst these humans were nothing, nobodies who did not deserve to die at the hands of some gun wielding fool. For the first time ever, Alastor felt mercy creep into his being…and he fell.

Now as Luke Willard, he occasionally begs for money before retreating out of the Seattle rain into various homeless shelters. He attends a veteran support group where he lies about his time in the Special Forces and he writes letters to his son only to scrunch them up and discard them.

Alastor is obsessed with uncovering the nature of the “orders” that sent him on his final mission. He knows how the God Machine treats demons (he used to be an instrumental cog in that system) and that there will be no mercy for him. Now he will burn it all away to take out those responsible for his Fall. All he needs are a couple of allies to step into the breach with him.


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